Jul 28, 2011

By the light of the moon. . . .and one light bulb

The best part was about twelve seconds after this shot was taken, the guys realized they were sleeping in the corner for the night. 

Just kidding! There is a doorway on the side.

And so it is complete another ebony floor down. Literally. 

Jul 25, 2011

and it begins again .. .

You think we would have learned.  . . 
many months and neck aches should have taught us. . .
most people wouldn't tear down perfect walls to get to imperfect. . .
but then again, it seems most people arent us.

This is pretty much a reverse makeover. 
We just took a PERFECTLY good room, very nice, very pleasant, very done (drywall and all)
 . . . and did this to it. 

Jul 20, 2011

Leanne of Green Gables

I have had this dream since childhood, of a little white house in the woods. 
Turns out dreams do come true!
All you need is a couple college kids and some buckets of white paint!

The only problem now?? The beautiful little house just makes us notice the need for landscaping! 
OK,  just put it on the list! 

miss me??

But I'm back!