Nov 30, 2011

The (water) Closet.

SO, we moved into a two bedroom, one bathroom school house. And as any friends that know me or worse, road trip with me know . . .I use the bathroom a LOT. Running up and down those stairs to get to the bathroom between commercial breaks of whatever dumb show I happened to be watching at that moment just wasn't cutting it. 

So you know what. . .who has jackets these days? who really uses "coats" anymore? Not us! This closet was doing NOTHING a couple hooks and nails couldn't handle. 

SO closet,  OUT(house) YOU GO!



 We bought this door second hand from Construction Junction in Pittsburgh, we figured we would keep the NRA sticker on the window to scare intruders from interrupting.

This inside of the closet. A little chop there, some wood work here, a bit of plumbing there and a mess of olive green hi gloss paint and we are in BUSINESS. 

Listen, I loved America before loving America was "cool" design.
To me. this is a symbol that will never go out of style. 

We snagged these amazing and totally imperfect faucets at a garage sale up the street. Our plumber thought we were crazy. Swapping out two old ugly faucets for two OTHER ugly faucets. 

I said, "that's fair. a faucet."
(get it? he didn't)

An old mug from my childhood makes up for the lack of space for a soap dispenser. 

The essentials.

Love this other find from

Now this guy watches over you in case the NRA sticker doesn't scare off the intruders. This is  . . .Butch Rose. . .named after his mom. The other Butch Rose. 

I made a man let me buy this thing off a wall in an Argentinian vintage clothing store. We had a serious language barrier, as I walked out with that thing, I realized that language barrier worked majorly to my advantage.
Love Butch. 

The power of black spray paint

My Main Man. 
He angled the mirror JUST SO . .. so guys can smile at themselves while doing their business.

Nov 27, 2011

Giving Thanks

We had our first Thanksgiving at our house this year! Thinking of what this room looked like exactly a year ago is beyond wild. 

Things I am thankful for: 
(meet the shaffers edition)

1. a mom to bring the turkey over
2. a friend that visits that knows how to MAKE a turkey
3. a husband to get the "stuff" out of the inside of the turkey
4. an oven that ACTUALLY COOKED the turkey!

 I went up to the woods and picked out a bunch of vintage bottles from our "backyard" but some flowers and a tag on them and presto, our place cards.

You might also recognize this antique lace tablecloth from THIS PICTURE
(don't worry I washed it)
And if you look at that picture you will also see our two Nashville guests that helped make all the food, eat all the food, provide all the laughter, music, and scrabble competition. 

Jess made this pie from SCRATCH. I watched her. I didn't learn anything, but I watched her!

I was the hostess. Therefore, I put myself in charge of ambience. And only ambience. That is my forte. Cooking meat. . .is not. . .

 And the mood was beautiful and light hearted!
A great thanksgiving with our family and friends!
And I am so thankful for that.

Nov 19, 2011

Nov 18, 2011

On the 7th day, God took a breather.

Or for us, it's on the seventh month.

BUT here it is, the family room. After many rip, roaring good times. (Ripping out walls, roaring fires) We are in a good place! A few things to tweak, like window curtain needs to go up and I think I might but some twigs around the chandelier. . .but here we are.

new/old walls
new ceiling
old/new floors
new paint
new/old furniture
new canvas and carpet
new stove
SO cozy.

we needed somewhere to put the woods in our family room, think this was a perfect solution. we took off the doors to the cabinets below the window and used it for even COOLER storage. wood. 

  the gold eagle mirror from my childhood house. i always had my eye on this thing! my mom finally handed it over.

amazing 1800's chairs from france via brimfield via enjoyco in ohio. our one year anniversary gift to each other. so according to gift rules, one of those chairs is brad's, one of them is mine. but according to marriage they are each half ours. that's why we sit on one together at the same time.