Dec 28, 2011

The Shaffer Christmas Card

Merry Christmas to YOU!

Have a house full of warmth!

Go tell it on the mountain!

Celebrate often!

Have a very blessed year!

Have a home full of friends and family!

Keep life simple!

Remember that we falalalalalove ya!

the Shaffers

Dec 19, 2011

The Night Shift

Do you recognize this space at all? 

My new office. 
My creative space. 
This is where I get to hang all the wierd stuff I love that doesn't belong anywhere else in the house! 
For instance, that Ryan Adams print that Brad calls "the dumbest thing in our house" which I LOVE of course. But no matter, cause now while he sings to me while I work, he is looking at me with that dumb expression of his too. Perfect. 

Now here is YOUR creative space. The new guest room. Sleeps four, perfect for bands coming through town and fun parties that last too long. The curtain closes so that when I am sitting at my desk I don't feel like I am sitting in your room. 

We ripped out the wall in the room that closed off the slant of the roof and used that space for the sleeping cove. It was such a waste! It has added so much usable space for us. I believe it was Frank Lloyd Wright that didn't believe in Garages because it just makes you accumulate more STUFF. That was our problem with that storage cove, we just threw stuff in it. Now we are forced to put it in a place. (Right now that place is in the middle of the hallway. . .but hey, one step at a time. . .)

In fact, we are going to tear down the walls to the storage space in the bathroom, the hallway, and our bedroom too. I can't wait. It makes a huge difference. 

 Here is the same room before we bought it!

Yep. The second picture down is the same view as these, go ahead, scroll up again to take another lookie loo!

And then send us a high five!

And a back massage.

"We could do a bit more marketing. But then we'd have to deal with the problem of being successful."

-Taped to my computer from some old music magazine from years ago. I can't remember the band that said that for the life of me. So true though!