Feb 25, 2011

This is the card I gave Brad when we bought our new house! Kind of looks like our place, right?!?

Feb 23, 2011

Skinny Cow

 Now, I know taxidermy and skulls and all that morbid stuff is very trendy right now. but we saw this steer head in a vintage shop in bedford springs, pa and some kid had decorated it. painted it, put weird fabric around its horns, and generally trashed it up. It was $6. We saw the vision. The lady at the shop literally said, as we handed it over the counter. . . (in  a very high voice) "ohhhhhh. this is very innnnnnttterrrestinnggggggg . . . ."

Thanks for the support ma'am. We took it right home, unwrapped the bandage from its horns and Brad put it right up over the fridge as a joke.

Only. I liked it there. With a little hi gloss paint (that we love so much!) it will be ready to go!

Some people put pictures up of skinny girls on their fridge to remind them to eat well. We took it a different direction! This guy reminds us that healthy is better!!

He says to us, each day, "Who wants to be a boney skeleton?!? Have a burger!" . . .oh wait. .. he's probably not telling us to have a burger.  . . 

"Have  a chicken taco!"

Stainless Steel never looked so rugged.

Feb 22, 2011

Feb 18, 2011

Hack Attack

Ah, the age old question. . .do you pick a faucet to fit the kitchen? Or do you adjust the kitchen to fit the faucet?

Brad answered that question with a couple power tools. . . .

That's right! You cut AROUND the faucet! 
This is always a good rule of thumb to remember when renovating! 
Hey! If there is a power tool handy, USE IT!

Feb 17, 2011

Love Day

My Flowers!

Brad and I were at our favorite antique shop and I saw this little box of 6 tins in it and I said to him, we should buy this and fill it with flowers to give to someone! He said, yea, that'd be pretty, and walked away. I put it down and moved on. 

Three days later . . ..beautiful!

There are a lot of traits that make up a great husband, but listening to the little stuff is a REALLY GOOD ONE!

uhhhh. . .. .

Brad and I had our first, uh  .. . .. . experience the other night. The first time we did something, pretty darn permanent and weren't sure if we did the right thing. . .

We had been dreaming of white tile with dark grout, literally I have been talking about it for years. And finally, my dream was becoming a reality, and really, sometimes dreams are better than reality . .. . as Brad was smearing it on my heart was twisting. . .uh. . .. we stood back, we looked, we looked again, we figured, it just looks bad because of all the black all over the tiles, we kept going, we stopped and looked again from far away. . .. and I did what any respectable co conspirator/construction worker would do at this point. I went to take a bath. 

We decided, 
just go for it, 
this was what we wanted, 
don't be nervous, 
be bold, 
follow through. . . 
but was that right? 
was that the right thing to do? 

uhhhhhh. . .. . . .. 

Nothing is worse than wondering if the before looks better than the after!


We aren't quite convinced, we have decided to keep trucking and see how it looks with the other shelf up, the paint cleaned up, the floor and the ceiling, and then, only THEN will we know if we love or hate it. Ugh, quite a side step for us, not step back quite yet, but makes me nervous. Oh well! Nothing a couple bottles of white out can't fix! ;)

Feb 9, 2011

"I mean plum mad dog mean."

I have been at a stand still on the blog. Sorry! Mostly because we have been at a stand still on the house. . . its the detail work now! Which is good, right? We are finishing the tile, have to finish the ceiling, trim, floor, the little stuff. The stuff that it's easy to "stop'' on. The stuff that sits for months as an unfinished project because you don't need it to use the kitchen.

Well this is my promise! My promise to myself, my husband/roommate, and to you our faithful readers (our moms . . .) to FINISH! someday . ..

No just kidding. OK, right now, it's on virtual paper, and Brad, if you are reading this, I am promising myself and the virtual world that we will be ENTIRELY done with our kitchen by the end of February! Details and all.

Brad, this one's for you Babe!


Let's tile like we've never tiled! 
(this will be easy for me since I never actually HAVE tiled. . .)
Let's paint like we've never painted!
Let's vacuum like we've never vacuumed!
(again, with the never done it. . .)
Let's stain and hang stuff and decorate like we've never stained and hung stuff and decorated before!