Feb 23, 2011

Skinny Cow

 Now, I know taxidermy and skulls and all that morbid stuff is very trendy right now. but we saw this steer head in a vintage shop in bedford springs, pa and some kid had decorated it. painted it, put weird fabric around its horns, and generally trashed it up. It was $6. We saw the vision. The lady at the shop literally said, as we handed it over the counter. . . (in  a very high voice) "ohhhhhh. this is very innnnnnttterrrestinnggggggg . . . ."

Thanks for the support ma'am. We took it right home, unwrapped the bandage from its horns and Brad put it right up over the fridge as a joke.

Only. I liked it there. With a little hi gloss paint (that we love so much!) it will be ready to go!

Some people put pictures up of skinny girls on their fridge to remind them to eat well. We took it a different direction! This guy reminds us that healthy is better!!

He says to us, each day, "Who wants to be a boney skeleton?!? Have a burger!" . . .oh wait. .. he's probably not telling us to have a burger.  . . 

"Have  a chicken taco!"

Stainless Steel never looked so rugged.

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Eric said...

I had to go back and find a post I could comment on! I managed to stumble upon your blog, thanks to the wonderful Stumbleupon (whodathunkit!) and I have to say that I'm just blown away! The transformation that has occurred in every aspect of your house and your determination to make it your own is inspiring on so many levels. It's awesome that you have such good friends and family that are providing support and assistance. I'm still quite awhile from any home buying and remodeling in my personal life, its projects like this that make me really look forward to getting to that stage.