Feb 9, 2011

"I mean plum mad dog mean."

I have been at a stand still on the blog. Sorry! Mostly because we have been at a stand still on the house. . . its the detail work now! Which is good, right? We are finishing the tile, have to finish the ceiling, trim, floor, the little stuff. The stuff that it's easy to "stop'' on. The stuff that sits for months as an unfinished project because you don't need it to use the kitchen.

Well this is my promise! My promise to myself, my husband/roommate, and to you our faithful readers (our moms . . .) to FINISH! someday . ..

No just kidding. OK, right now, it's on virtual paper, and Brad, if you are reading this, I am promising myself and the virtual world that we will be ENTIRELY done with our kitchen by the end of February! Details and all.

Brad, this one's for you Babe!


Let's tile like we've never tiled! 
(this will be easy for me since I never actually HAVE tiled. . .)
Let's paint like we've never painted!
Let's vacuum like we've never vacuumed!
(again, with the never done it. . .)
Let's stain and hang stuff and decorate like we've never stained and hung stuff and decorated before!

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