Mar 1, 2012

"You are farther along than you realize."

Sometimes mid project, mid construction, mid everything, one can hit a . . . low. 
Living among cement dust, garbage bags full of wood scraps, and oh, I don't know, chain saws in the bathroom, table saws in the kitchen, just ain't easy. 

Nope,  It just ain't easy. 

Things get real. 

Things get real real.

And when your mom starts calling you a "pioneer wife" because you are showering in a basement and you are decorating that basement shower, as a form of survival, and you take it as a COMPLIMENT, it's time to take a breather. 

Remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Or for us, someday, instead of a tunnel there is a light at the end of a celebratory cigar. 

(never mind, that makes me cough just thinking about it. . . )

But I figured I would take a minute to look back on what we have created for ourselves here already. 

And though, we have so far to go. . . .

 Including, but not limited to the zipline into the treehouse I was promised . . . 

we have made some amazing things happen in our little schoolhouse.

And sometimes you just need to take a second. . . .

 . . . to look around.

 And appreciate what you, and the people that love you, have created.

Brad Shaffer, 

I am proud of us. 

Leanne Shaffer