Feb 17, 2011

uhhhh. . .. .

Brad and I had our first, uh  .. . .. . experience the other night. The first time we did something, pretty darn permanent and weren't sure if we did the right thing. . .

We had been dreaming of white tile with dark grout, literally I have been talking about it for years. And finally, my dream was becoming a reality, and really, sometimes dreams are better than reality . .. . as Brad was smearing it on my heart was twisting. . .uh. . .. we stood back, we looked, we looked again, we figured, it just looks bad because of all the black all over the tiles, we kept going, we stopped and looked again from far away. . .. and I did what any respectable co conspirator/construction worker would do at this point. I went to take a bath. 

We decided, 
just go for it, 
this was what we wanted, 
don't be nervous, 
be bold, 
follow through. . . 
but was that right? 
was that the right thing to do? 

uhhhhhh. . .. . . .. 

Nothing is worse than wondering if the before looks better than the after!


We aren't quite convinced, we have decided to keep trucking and see how it looks with the other shelf up, the paint cleaned up, the floor and the ceiling, and then, only THEN will we know if we love or hate it. Ugh, quite a side step for us, not step back quite yet, but makes me nervous. Oh well! Nothing a couple bottles of white out can't fix! ;)

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