Nov 18, 2011

On the 7th day, God took a breather.

Or for us, it's on the seventh month.

BUT here it is, the family room. After many rip, roaring good times. (Ripping out walls, roaring fires) We are in a good place! A few things to tweak, like window curtain needs to go up and I think I might but some twigs around the chandelier. . .but here we are.

new/old walls
new ceiling
old/new floors
new paint
new/old furniture
new canvas and carpet
new stove
SO cozy.

we needed somewhere to put the woods in our family room, think this was a perfect solution. we took off the doors to the cabinets below the window and used it for even COOLER storage. wood. 

  the gold eagle mirror from my childhood house. i always had my eye on this thing! my mom finally handed it over.

amazing 1800's chairs from france via brimfield via enjoyco in ohio. our one year anniversary gift to each other. so according to gift rules, one of those chairs is brad's, one of them is mine. but according to marriage they are each half ours. that's why we sit on one together at the same time.