Nov 27, 2011

Giving Thanks

We had our first Thanksgiving at our house this year! Thinking of what this room looked like exactly a year ago is beyond wild. 

Things I am thankful for: 
(meet the shaffers edition)

1. a mom to bring the turkey over
2. a friend that visits that knows how to MAKE a turkey
3. a husband to get the "stuff" out of the inside of the turkey
4. an oven that ACTUALLY COOKED the turkey!

 I went up to the woods and picked out a bunch of vintage bottles from our "backyard" but some flowers and a tag on them and presto, our place cards.

You might also recognize this antique lace tablecloth from THIS PICTURE
(don't worry I washed it)
And if you look at that picture you will also see our two Nashville guests that helped make all the food, eat all the food, provide all the laughter, music, and scrabble competition. 

Jess made this pie from SCRATCH. I watched her. I didn't learn anything, but I watched her!

I was the hostess. Therefore, I put myself in charge of ambience. And only ambience. That is my forte. Cooking meat. . .is not. . .

 And the mood was beautiful and light hearted!
A great thanksgiving with our family and friends!
And I am so thankful for that.