Oct 29, 2010

OUR FIRST PROJECT - Think outside the boxes

Brad and I have been living out of suitcases and boxes since we have been married. And I have been living out of suitcases and boxes since graduating college really . . . . so we decided our first project was to get out of the box! We wanted to get our closet together so we could have some kind of normalcy in what will be months of redoing and chaos. So the closet it was. We decided to redo our closet, get our clothes in there, then get cracking on our  bedroom. (Notice the country chic wallpaper throughout the house! Ouch.)

So when we bought the house the closet was NOT a selling point. There is a TON of storage in our house but man the master bedroom closet was so unappealing, it felt wierd and cramped and small . . .and though I respect their creatively inspired choice of paint for the closet. The dark painful PINK was just not doing it. The two bars you see on the sides are racks for clothing, making dead space through the closet. . .. OK now, watch the magic!

FIRST step - bars down

Step two - of course - my favorite - WHITE PAINT. The closet feels seriously ten times bigger immediately.
Brad had the REALLY good idea of putting shelving on the sides instead of racks, we decided to put the rack in the middle a little lower.  So he has one side and I have the other.  Just the beginning of a life of His and Hers!

STAND BY FOR PICTURES OF THE NEW AND IMPROVED CLOSET. Lets just say, I am proud to hang my sequins collection in our WALK IN CLOSET.

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