Mar 12, 2011

The Liiiibrary

I wrote THE LIIIIBRARY like that, cause that's how I say it, like Im old and English.

While Brad works and I stay at home and practice being a lunching lady, sometimes I faulter and find myself HAVING to get something done. I TRY to drink an afternoon Martini, I TRY to call a friend and talk about our diamonds, but sometimes I just NEED to do something productive.

Last week I took it upon myself, and I took it upon my friend Cailey to get going on the family room. It's time!

So we pulled everything off the shelves, wiped off that dust, pulled up our paint sleeves and kept the glossy white alive!

On to the shelves my friends!

BEFORE (again, this is way before, before before. . .)

Don't worry, we kept the eagle.

We took everything out getting ready to sand this guy up too!

Shelves almost finished! The window seat will be clear though . . .Don't worry that is NOT the TV spot! If I have it my way the TV will be in the basement. In a box. How much can I learn from The Real Housewives of fill in the blank anyway?!?!

Of course, I would be a great candidate for Real Housewives of Pittsburgh. 

I could get into martinis if I had to. . . .

But until that happens, more physical labor at home!