Jul 12, 2012

The Steve Ford Show

When you are trying to redo your house while still traveling all over the country for work you have to get creative. 

Brad and I were in NYC for work the other day and had to talk to my brother about what our vision was with the room. After some very annoying phone conversations we remembered we lived in the days of facetime! Our carpenter consultation got much more interesting and effective!

Below I will try to do a recap of exactly what Steve is saying in each shot. As far as I can recall:

"So basically, if you look here, you guys live in a shack."

 "I get that you want to show these amazing beams and wood but we live in PENNSYLVANIA, not the Bahamas."

 "Well I can do it, but overall, this was a pretty dumb idea. 
Have fun being glamorous in New York while I am sweating in your 105 degree attic. . .I mean, new bedroom."

Yoko the dog: