Nov 4, 2010

its allllwhite!

and heres where my brother comes over and sands off the love letter. im glad he wore his official sanding suit for this. 

8 layers later, its glossy white. we finished around. . .oh 1am again. . .
 tom tries out the old new rug
 here it is, unfinished, we havent found the right bed frame, the lamp shade has since been found in the rubble and on the lamp, and we have plans for hanging light over that black chair.
 this bed is so pretty to wake up in with the light from our windows. we are going to hang an industrial white light over that stool on brad's side. this is the first time since we have been married that we haven't been sleeping on a mattress on the ground! we should celebrate this date as an anniversary too!

We saved all our fancy pottery barn creme sheets from the Stutz family and our amazinnnnng white duvet cover from Aunt Lori and Uncle Greg for when we actually had a BED. So it was so exciting to put them on. Seriously!

Oh married life. . . . .different things become "exciting" don't they . . . . geesh.

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