Nov 4, 2010

Now onto the bedroom

Brad and I talked about how much we wanted to do to our house and what could wait until later and we decided we needed a nice bedroom to escape to when the rest of the house was in shambles. We were right. Because right now the rest of the house is in shambles, but we made our little oasis and are keeping it clean and pure and nice for ourselves.


This was a week long job. Ouch. First we peeled wallpaper. A lot. Myrika and Cailey came over to help and it actually made wallpaper peeling so much fun. We have a new therapy idea. Girl talk and wallpaper removal . . . .try it. At my house. Please.

So after wallpaper Brad sanded down the walls, this is were it would have been really handy to read the lead poisoning pamplet I have been handed every time I rented a place, and then when we bought this place. The gist was "don't sand down old paint" but brad wore a bandana for looks so that helped I am sure.

After sanding we moved on to putting wood on the wall. I know, it seems wierd to do, most people our age are taking the wood off the walls in old homes, but I had a vision. And even though Brad was hesitant he trusted me and we went for it. Horizontal floor boards on the wall, to be painted shiney white. yum.

(Excuse the Uggs - they are steel toe)

After we did the boards on the wall all night it was about 1 am so we went to bed.

This is what I woke up to in the morning after Brad went off to work. Love him.

(Please refer to first posting now)

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