Jan 12, 2011

Chasing the Sunset

"Hi, we are calling about your barn wood? Yea.  . . .uh. . . .Yep. . .. ok. . .. yep.  . .ok. . . .thanks."

Brad hung up.


"We have to get there before sunset. You need to change your boots. Let's go." 

So there we were chasing the sunset trying to get to the lumber graveyard (which is my sweet little nickname for the place)

After a few small towns, a few wrong turns and a few big dogs we found it. And I mean we FOUND IT! This place was amazing. All the treasures hidden under all of that snow?! We walked around, picked our kitchen shelf off a pile on the ground and promised we would be back in the spring. With our trucks. And our dollar bills. 

We pretty much hit the gold mine. Or, my other sweet little nickname for it, the COLD mine. 

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