Jan 28, 2011

Pura Vida Pennsylvania!

Costa Rica has a saying, if someone asks how you are doing, and all is good with you, you answer "Pura Vida." Kind of a life is good, all's well, living the dream kind of answer.

I used to have the gypsy curse. I used to run around and want to be everywhere and want to live everywhere. Every place that I would visit or work in I would wonder why I didn't live there. That was an especially strong feeling when I lived in New York. I would wonder why I was putting up with this teeny, ugly apartment and the crowded subways! I would wonder why I chose the life I was living. I would think these people had it figured out, quiet town, beautiful things, quality of life.

Because I believe that we all have a choice of where we are and who we are with and what we want to do.

I don't wander anymore. I am happy now.

I was in the jungles of Costa Rica, in treehouses over waterfalls and rainforests and black sand beaches, and nothing made me want to live there more than where I am now. I was among all of this wild beauty and it just made me think how lucky I was to have my own beauty now.

To have my own forest, and my own little tiny waterfall in the backyard.

It made me happy with the space WE have chosen and the life WE have chosen, and most importantly it made me so happy with WHO I have chosen to be in this world with.

Pura Vida Pennsylvania!

Their Creek:

Our Creek:

(I know what you are thinking.  .  . even better than theirs! hehe)

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