Apr 6, 2011

The great chair search

We have been looking for kitchen chairs for 6 months. At least. Something cool, comfortable, fits in with the room, not too adultish (I guess formal is the word actual ADULTS use)  . . . not too big, not too little,  we just want something just right. . . . We want the kind of chairs you don't notice you are still sitting around the dinner table three hours after dinner ends. 

this is the closest we have come to IT. Its an authentic vintage Herman Miller. The thing is we would have to get them in varying shades of creme and yellow and white. 

To which I say. . . maybeeeee. . . and I know many will cringe and disown me when I say this. . . maybeeeee we paint them. 

You see, a chair is only as wonderful as it is for YOU right THEN. And we need wonderful chairs. 

Thoughts??? Email me, I want some opinions here, should we keep looking? Should we keep as is? Should we paint them if we darn well please?!?

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