Apr 12, 2011

Life's Just a Bowl of Chairys

The verdict is in! We tabulated your votes, discussed the pros and cons of the Herman Miller chairs, made our decision. And went to get them. 


I took my mom with me to go pick up the chairs and we ended up walking around the space. (A secret location for now, sorry Ed!) The chairs I loved before kept calling me and calling me. These. I finally talked it through and my mom and Ed wheeled and dealed while I sat in my dream chair and they came up with a number. I TOOK IT. And hoped my husband would be ok with it. . . hehe. 

Aren't the amazing?? They are made for the outdoors, but I don't mind. I love them inside. They don't take up too much space in your eye and still get to be white. And there is no problem with giving them a fresh paint job! They are perfect for our vibe. 

They are outdoor chairs from the 60s by the designer Russell Woodard. They have amazing end chairs which we will probably get as well. But my favorite thing about these is we can get more down the road and have them inside and outside wherever the party is! 

Our 6 month search is officially over. I think we did it. 

 Dinner party time!!
Come on over!