Feb 6, 2012

Well this STINKS.

- my plumber, Mike. 

Today we had our plumber come to fix up our laundry room, and to get our basement bathroom set up for us to use during bathroom demo week. I'll explain the basement bathroom to you another time.  . . 

But the point is, he couldn't get the bathroom in the basement set up today. Why? 
Because, "there's sewage and sludge backed up to your house. Yep, right to the pipes, you're lucky it isn't all over the basement."

Oh, I thought, the basement we just cleaned, organized, and painted? Great. Add Sewage Sludge to my to do list. 

Mike, the plumber, took me outside to show me the pipe he had been working at cleaning out from the outside of the house.  With.. . ."THE SNAKE."

 But first he told me, "you better change those fancy clothes before you come see this."

I was wearing motorcycle boots and a flea market fur coat, but whatever. . .I changed into Brad's sweater instead.  

So there it was, sludge, not moving, not draining, not septicing, and certainly not going away, nothing. 

We live in the country. 
We have a septic tank. 
I know. 
There's rules to septic tanks. 
I know.
Now I do. 

So, there we were, my plumber and I trying to figure out why it was all clogged and he said, do you put food down the drain? 

I said, "why yes, we have a disposal," in my best suburban house wife voice. 

He laughed in my face. So loud. And a little too long. I guess I made a plumber joke??

"It's safe for septic tanks," I said. 

He kept laughing. 

"Disposal??? I'm sorry, you don't have the luxury of a disposal out here. You have a septic tank, and you have to throw everything away. And flush nothing." And that's when he said it, shaking his head, judging me, with the smell of sewage floating every so faintly through the air, 


And he kept laughing.  . . . .Oh, Plumber humor.