Dec 16, 2010

Its happening!

Yesterday we got running water in our kitchen. And I started to feel more hydrated already thanks to Tom the plumber!

And if I had music to my blog right now I would post the theme song to Cheers! We had a CREW last night rolling in to save the day. My brother, the task master, Mr. Trustmeivedone this before, the fire started Paul, the paint nazi Alyssa (which I loved about her) and Cailey the smiley trim painter!

They rolled in at nine at night and we cranked through project after project and really got somewhere!

Oh man, do I feel better already. So thank you to the crew! "Sometimes you gotta go, where everybody knows your nammmmme. . .. "

I will let the pictures do the talking.

we found the original schoolhouse beadboard under the drywall when Brad was exposing pipes for the plumber. The wierd part is this is EXACTLY what we were going to buy to put up in the kitchen. So we decided to go for the real thing and took down ALL the dry wall. That was a huge messy project and Cailey helped us with that. Then we framed in the windows, I really wanted to go with the old school square wide frame and I LOVE it!

Pat and Steve were in charge of the framing. It was perfect, they even made a crooked window perfect. Such pros!

My cutest paint pose. 

Pat breaking and entering. 

He was trying to get the window unstuck. Nope. Painted over it, we will probably see him out there again in the summer.

We took a bonfire break.

Progress! The priming has begun!

Brad hard at work. Steve LOOKING like he is hard at work. Tom along for the ride.

Our happy trimmer

The neglected Christmas tree in the neglected living room

Sorry Cailey! 

Every one is still in suprisingly good spirits despite the cricks in the necks

"Come on! Its three AM, what's a guy gotta do to get some sleep around here!" - Tom Ford

This is where the cheers song would start playing. . . .

Brad, don't let work stop you from a good old beer break

"See Tom Ford quote" - Pat

The paint nazi gets something in her eye! Might be paint. 

A thank goodness kiss. Even Pat feels good about it back there!

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