Dec 15, 2010

One last Amish story

So I have heard from more than one source of Amish men's obsession with Mountain Dew. It makes me feel at home thinking this might be true because I have a brother with an obsession with Mountain Dew. Though, at the time of print he may have kicked it!

SO, now that I knew the secret to an Amish man's happiness I knew I had to provide them with that happiness. We had four guys in our house including Andy Miller, the man with the plan. So that morning when I came down to say hello and check on progress I told them I was going to make them lunch.

It went kind of like this,

Me: "I am going to make you guys lunch, what would you like to eat?"
Andy Amish: "Oh, we eat just about everything. Whatever you have is good by us."
Me: "Well OK, I will make you some ham sandwiches. I have to run to the grocery, what can I get you to drink?"
Andy Amish: "Well, we drink just about anything, Mountain Dew or pop."
Me (holding back my total delight at my tricky detective work and verifying the truth to the MD rumor): "Well OK, Mountain Dew it it"

So I smiled all the way to the grocery, and I smiled all the way to the soft drinks aisle and I decided to splurge and get them the big bottles!

As I walked through the aisles I wondered, can I toast their bread? Do they like chipped or sliced ham? Do Amish people eat potato chips?

When I came home I  laid out a feast for them.

And when I came back to clean up after lunch this is what I discovered.

Yes, I think that answers the question. In fact, it answers most of my life questions.

I cleaned up. Handed out another round of Mountain Dew and left the deer intestine sitting there on my coffee table.

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