Dec 21, 2010

Shout Outs.

To Mom:

Thanks for doing our 8 loads of laundry at your house since our "included appliances" don't actually work. And thank you for bringing ham sandwiches for Brad, the electrician and me to eat when you brought the laundry back. You supplied us with lunch, and a very similiar dinner.

To Lynn, Brad's mom:

Thank you for supplying us with paper plates and bowls, without which we would most likely be eating out of a Lay's chip bag. Thank you for spending four hours tearing off the wallpaper in the kitchen. I'm glad you don't know that that is actually the wall we just fully tore DOWN.

Steve, my brother:

Thank you for eating Mad Mex with me late night on a weekday and letting me vent about the dusty life. And letting me eat most of the chips and salsa. And then asking for more. Also, thanks for bringing your very fun and very productive friends over. And yelling at them when they needed to get back to work.

Michelle, my sister:
Thank you for OFFERING up your laundry to use, and not making fun of the fact that we needed to use it. Also thanks for all your old Elle Decor magazines. Even if they ain't no Domino.

Greg, my brother in law:
Thank you for helping us move all of our junk from my mom's garage into the budget truck and your Honda (Blue Steel I think you call it?) and NOT making fun of the fact that it looked like actual junk. You were a ray of light in a sea of darkness. And that sea of darkness happens to be my family making fun of my junk.

Jay, Brad's dad:

Thank you for helping out yesterday! And taking our kitchen from "Uh . .. " to "YEA!" Thank you for reminding Brad to wear his safety goggles. And for going back to get the drinks after the Pizza Place didn't hand them over. The Coke is in the fridge when you get thirsty.

Thanks for not being scared to come over and help us! And thank you for not making fun of how big my feet are while you wore my old converse. . .oh ... .wait. . .. And thank you for letting us eat half of Nanny's leftovers. That was a serious sacrifice! And thanks for getting a job at Crate and Barrel so we can get that white couch we want to match our leather couch for the family room. Hint. Hint.


Thank you for being here for now TWO, wait THREE room projects! AND for getting a tetanus shot before you came over. Phew. 


Thank you for coming over to scrape and paint and helping me while away the hours with good life stories and girl talk. Also, thank you for leaving your ipod speakers here. You might be MVP for that alone!

Thank you for helping Brad burn everything that was most likely illegal to burn in Sewickley and being ready to protect him when and if the cops came around. Thank you also for cleaning up Tonka's pee stain on Tom's water bowl. 


Mr. Trustmeivedonethisbefore, Thank you for actually KNOWING how to pull a tree down, and not just SAYING you did. Also, thanks for being the fastest primer and window framer this side of the Mississippi.


Thank you for ACTUALLY wearing my paint converse and not making fun of me. And thank you for yelling nicely at everyone for lollygagging! Impressive. Also, thank you for that Pedicure last month. I am still trying to keep it alive. 


Thank you for giving Brad and I actual LEGIT advice and helping us with the complicated kitchen sections! Also thank you for being married to a Restoration Hardware store employee. 

Jen Shine:
Thank you for eating our leftover spaghetti that I made you in the microwave and for not making fun of the fact that the microwave was smaller than the take out box the food was in. Ok, so you DID make fun of our little microwave, but you didn't seem to complain when I kept serving you lukewarm tea out of it. So thank you for that. 


Even though you two just HAD to watch some game while doing it, thank you for helping put together the cabinets. I tried to do some the next day and sat there dumbfounded for forty five minutes. Then again, it could have been because The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was on . . . .


Thank you for knowing how to DJ, bartend, climb a tree, build a dam, demo a kitchen AND know the value of vintage bottles and how to research them. Geesh. What a guy!

Thank you for finally being the hero to REMOVE the tree that sat in our front yard for a couple weeks. And thank you for saying, "But I might be wrong" after saying that the supporting beam for the second floor that the Amish men put in wasn't actually holding anything up.

Brad, my husband:

Thank you for saying that you love me as much as you love your power tools. And thank you for being so good looking while using them! And thank you for knowing how to use them and for being so handy. And thank you for wearing your safety goggles and therefore allowing me to have a husband with two eyes til death do us part.

Tonight Brad thanked me for being such a good wife and being so open and cool about this "little adventure" we are on of redoing our house.

I kissed him.

And then I sweetly told him that our next "little adventure" better be a trip to Europe or something!!!!

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