Dec 30, 2010

pretty good shape. . .

Last night we needed a break from the sawdust and the paint brushes. We decided to go out to a nice dinner with my brother and his girlfriend. That day Steve came over and we all worked on the kitchen all day. Again. He headed home and Brad and I went to get ready for our "date"

So after working all day, I took an extremely long shower and scrapped the paint out of my hair and got ready to go be normal for an evening.  I even painted my nails.  I was excited to go out and see what REAL people did when they weren't renovating their kitchen.

But then we realized, between the new cabinets, and the sink, and the all-clad, and the 2 by 6 wood we bought home depot out of, we had no right to go to a nice dinner at this moment. Mickey D's was about all we should be treating ourselves to. So we decided to be smart for a change and stay in. I called my brother and told him we just couldn't go out to a nice dinner TONIGHT. Soon, but not tonight. . .

He called me back a minute later and said he and his girlfriend had a nice bottle of wine and they would be over in twenty minutes.

As he opened the wine I said rather pathetically but mostly teasing, "Is this to drown our sorrows?"

Steve raised his glass, "If this is our sorrows, than we are in pretty good shape."

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