Dec 10, 2010

wall down day two

So I admit. We didn't give ourselves a minute to breathe. The kitchen looks SO AMAZING with the wall down. It actually looks huge. But I had a dream.

I had a dream.

And that dream was an open ceiling with exposed beams and higher ceilings, all, of course, painted white. Its been a dream of mine since before I dreamed of owning a house, since before I spoke English really. That long. So when the Amish folk ripped out the wall and had to take some ceiling out to do it, I was excited, I couldn't wait to see what was under that horrible short drop ceiling. And low and behold, or should I say HIGH and behold there it was, beautiful wooden beams.

"Andy" I said to the Amish man, "Just suppose, just suppoooooose, I wanted to take down this ceiling and show the beams. . .would that, just in theory. . .make it colder in here?"

"Why NO, this ceiling has nothing to do with the heat of the house." Andy said to my smiling face.

"Interesting." I said as I smiled at my husband. Already shaking his head.

WEEEEEELLLL my HUUUUSSSband had to go to work. And while he went to work, IIII went to work. AND I am proud to say that we NOW have a fully exposed kitchen ceiling. Finished at about 11 or so last night. And by finished I do NOT mean finished. We have a LOT to do. But I can see it now.

I can see it now. . . .

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