Dec 31, 2010

Thoughts from the last day of the year

We have had, most likely to be, the most eventful year of our lives. We got engaged. I moved from Nashville to Pittsburgh. We got married. We moved in to a house. We bought a house. We moved into a DIFFERENT house. And we gutted and renovated an entire kitchen, changing the structure of our old house even. All while going full speed ahead in our careers. We have been back and forth to New York, to Nashville, to California, to some island off the coast of somewhere and back again . . .


But what an amazing year it has been. We have been so overly blessed. 

This next year we have goals: Brad's is to finish the house. Mine is to write a one hit wonder. My goal coming true would make Brad's goal coming true a lot easier. But Brad's goal is SLIGHTLY and maybe just slightly a bit more attainable. 

But I am a reach for the stars kind of girl. And if this year is any indication of what can be done in 365 days, than we've got big things ahead. 

"I've got a feeling, this years for me and you. So happy Christmas. I love you baby. I can see a better time, where all our dreams come true." - The Pogues

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