Dec 20, 2010

Kitchen Playlist.

I have decided to keep track from now on of what we listen to while working on our little school house in the woods.

So to update you:

While ripping drywall off with Cailey on Tuesday afternoon:
Janet Jackson, "Together Again" on repeat
Mika, "Love Today"
Scissor Scissors "Music is the Victim" and "I Don't feel Like Dancing"
Pretty much those songs over and over again.

Saturday Night while putting up our new wall. . .
Blind Pilot album

A lot of Ray Lamontagne, which our electrician loves. And then I put on a little Josh Ritter to switch it up and he got all excited. I promised him I would make a Josh mix for him tomorrow. And tonight, a lot of Joe Purdy has been blasting through our kitchen. And I am sure to my husband's shagrin, as I type this I can hear Patty Griffin singing to me through the floor from the guest room into the kitchen.

Luckily Brad doesn't have an iPod or we would be listening to Bone Thugs and Harmony all day everyday.

"Ba ba ba baaaaaaa ba baaaa. Tell me whatcha gonna do, when there aint no dish to dry. . . " - a loose translation of bone.

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